SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association)

SMACNASMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association) Contractors are experts in sheet metal – in the fabrication and installation of HVAC, architectural, and specialty sheet metal systems. They are recognized as the most skilled and highly trained contractors in the industry. Our mission is to provide products and information related to the HVAC and sheet metal industry, including technical manuals and guidelines, as well as promoting the unmatched expertise of SMACNA Contractors.

Membership in SMACNA is by firm and is voluntary. The member firms have one common element – they utilize sheet metal and/or sheet metal products in the services they provide. SMACNA member firrms are very diverse.  They include contractors who fabricate and install environmental systems in buildings, manufacture specialty metal products and food service equipment, as well as HVAC testing and balancing contractors. Becoming a SMACNA member is easy. Complete the member registration form and mail it to the SMACNA office with your dues. Then, you will start receiving all the great benefits from SMACNA.

SMACNA Member Benefits


Direct access to accepted industry technical standards at considerably reduced prices. All manuals are readily available and can be shipped directly to your office in 2-3 days. All new SMACNA members receive one gratis copy of each manual.


The opportunity to participate in many educational programs directed at business management, industry technical expertise, and personal growth; programming presented by industry acclaimed professionals. Each year the Evansville Chapter conducts at least one Chapter Education Program through SMACNA;


And a great deal of information today is available electronically through our Web site at Becoming a SMACNA member gives you the ability to sign on the “member only” section. This will give you access to all updates and information.


SMACNA Labor Relations Department provides a direct link to the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association [SMWIA] leadership. You will receive labor issue consultation. Contractor advocacy in grievance processing and labor negotiations is also provided.


Whenever you need immediate assistance with any industry-related question, SMACNA is at your service. Contact the local SMACNA office at (812) 423-2926 or the technical department directly through the web site.


As a SMACNA member, you have the opportunity to become a contributor to the development and/or revision of such industry standards.


All SMACNA members, and area vendors and suppliers, make up our local association. Our association provides an avenue for social enrichment between the contractor members and manufacturer’s representatives (associate members) at the monthly meetings as well as the annual golf outing in September, the Otters Ball Game in June, and the Christmas party in December.

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